This phrasebook will make it possible for travelers to "get by" while traveling in areas where Albanian is spoken.


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BASIC Albanian phrasebook contains daily greetings and other useful words and expressions.


PROBLEMS Albanian phrasebook has expressions that you might use when you are in trouble.


AUTHORITY Albanian phrasebook has expressions and words that you might use when you are in trouble.


The CLOCK and TIME Albanian phrasebook contains phrases regarding time and date.

Clock & time

The COMMON SIGNS Albanian phrasebook contains sign-words you might see and their meaning.

Common signs

DAYS Albanian phrasebook contains vocabulary related to days of the week, some adverbs and much more.


DIRECTIONS Albanian phrasebook contains useful expressions used when you are looking for directions.


DRINKING Albanian phrasebook contains phrases you use when buying drinks in a restaurant.


DRIVING Albanian phrasebook has phrases used when driving in an country where Albanian is spoken.


EATING Albanian phrasebook contains useful phrases you use when eating in a restaurant.


LODGING Albanian phrasebook contains phrases that you might use when you rent a hotel room.


MONEY Albanian phrasebook contains most useful expressions regarding money and payments.


COLORS Albanian phrasebook contains a list of most important colors used in Albanian language.


The TRANSPORTATION Albanian phrasebook contains phrases for when you want to use means of transportation.


MONTHS and SEASONS Albanian phrasebook contains a list of months and seasons in Albanian.

Months & seasons

SHOPPING Albanian phrasebook contains useful phrases you can use when you go shopping.


TIME and DURATION phrasebook contains useful phrases regarding the time and duration of an activity.

Time & duration

NUMBERS Albanian phrasebook contains numbers from one to one million and their pronunciation.


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