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We use live video technology to help people develop their skills. You can choose free or private classes.

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"Amazing instruction by a caring and smart instructor. Learn Albanian teaches you more than the language. You will learn about the Albanian culture, food, traditions and more. Very affordable rates for private lessons. CHECK THEM OUT!"

-Yolanda Guillen


"Great people that I've met in person, very helpful, knowledgeable and smart. They will teach you everything you need to know. These people are always learning and improving themselves so that they can then bring that knowledge to their students."

-Julien Kos

Kari Doll

"The best Albanian language course anywhere! The teacher is so patient, kind and supportive. If you are looking to learn Albanian language online or more about Albanian culture and heritage, you're not going to find a better course."

-Kari Ann Doll


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Address: Tirana, Albania

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